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Miso and Kili’s Fly Adventures: New Island Friends

An exciting adventure story of brave kittens awaits you!

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Miso and Kili’s Fly Adventures: The Last Frontier

An exciting adventure story of brave kittens awaits you!

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Miso and Kili’s Fly Adventures: The
Sonoran Desert

An exciting adventure story of brave kittens awaits you!

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Meet the Characters

About Book Series

In the series “Miso and Kili Flying Adventures,” Miso and Kili, journey to various destinations, each filled with unexpected adventures and lessons about friendships. Throughout their travels, Miso and Kili’s bond is put to the test, but their shared experiences and challenges reinforce their unbreakable friendship. The series seamlessly combines adventure, humor, and heartwarming moments, emphasizing the beauty of discovery and the value of understanding different cultures.

Meet the Creators

J.M. Chrismer

J.M. Chrismer is an award-winning author based in the sunny city of Tucson, Arizona. With a passion for storytelling, J.M. has spent the last few years crafting captivating short stories and designing delightful coloring books for readers of all ages.

But J.M.’s creativity doesn’t stop there. For almost a decade, she has also been working as a corporate flight attendant, taking to the skies and bringing smiles to the faces of children on board. It is during these flights that J.M. has the pleasure of entertaining young passengers with her enchanting tales.

Ilya Fortuna

Ilya Fortuna, an incredibly talented artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. With a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Ilya began his career in advertising and game production, working on projects for big names like Disney and Cartoon Network.

In 2012, Ilya decided to pursue his own creative path and started freelancing. He poured his creative energy into developing his own games and illustrating children’s books. His unique artistic style has graced the pages of 30 published children’s books, captivating young readers all over the world. From the mischievous Three Lazy Pigs to the thrilling adventures of a sea drop boy in the beloved series Beyond the Sea, Ilya’s illustrations bring characters to life in the most magical way.

Not only does Ilya dedicate himself to his craft, but he also lends a helping hand to the Ukrainian army. He actively collaborates on various creative projects, including the one you’re about to explore. Get ready to be charmed by Ilya’s dynamic and captivating work in his Portfolio.

The Real Miso and Kili


Miso, a charming Ragdoll, joined J.M.’s family as a Christmas present from her partner. This fame-loving feline has a heart full of love for everyone. Miso truly believes that every living being, be it human or animal, wants to be his friend and playmate. With his playful nature, Miso always keeps the energy levels sky-high!


On the other paw, we have Kili, a rescue kitty who might be a snowshoe cat (although we can’t be 100% sure). Kili takes a little time to warm up to new people, but once he does, he becomes an absolute sweetheart. However, there’s one thing that truly captures Kili’s heart: food and treats! This little explorer can’t resist the temptation of a delicious meal.

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